Spam Calls/Texts Questionnaire
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- IRS or Government Grant Calls
- Credit Card Interest Rate Calls ("Rachel")
- US/Canadian Pharmacy Calls

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About the Calls

Are you being harassed by calls, texts, or both? *

Remember, focus on the communications from one particular (the most frequent) caller/company for the purposes of this survey.

Are the {{answer_12833586}} being received on a cell phone, landline, or VoIP service (such as Google Voice)? *

If the {{answer_12833586}} are coming to a VoIP service but being forwarded to your cell phone or landline, please select "VoIP Service."

Just so you know, the law only covers certain telemarketing calls to landlines. Debt collection calls or other non-telemarketing calls to landlines are not covered by the law.

Just so you know, whether a call/text made to your VoIP service is illegal or not likely depends on how you pay for your VoIP service.

If you pay for minutes or per call/text or similar, please continue.

If you pay a monthly fee for unlimited calls, then it is likely that the only calls that are illegal are telemarketing calls using a prerecorded or artificial voice. Please only continue if you've received such calls.

Do you know the name of the company making the {{answer_12833586}}? *

What is the name of the company making the {{answer_12833586}}? *

From what number are the {{answer_12833586}} coming? *

If the calls and texts are coming from multiple numbers, please focus on one particular company, and list either the most frequently used number or the most recent number. We can discuss via email if there are other numbers/companies at issue.
Do the {{answer_12833586}} have any of the following characteristics? *

Not all of the characteristics need to be present on every call or text. If any were present on any call or text, please select that characteristic.

How many {{answer_12833586}} have you received from this company? *

Estimates are fine.
For economic reasons, I typically do not take cases on an individual basis where an individual has received fewer than 20 calls from the same caller. However, I may consider bringing such a case as a class action if it makes sense, and there are, of course, exceptions to the general rule. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Who is the company looking for? *

Have you ever previously done business with the caller or company? *

Have you ever provided this caller or company with your phone number? *

Have you ever asked this company to stop calling or, if they're wrong number calls, told them they had the wrong number? *

Can you document when you told them to stop calling through any of the following? *

Select as many as apply.

That's OK. You may still have a case. For example, if they are wrong number calls, you are under no obligation to tell them to that they have the wrong number. But please, in your own words, describe how you told them to stop calling. *

For example, "I said 'put me on your do not call list'" or "I texted 'stop'" or "I said you are annoying me."
As best you can tell, what is the purpose of the {{answer_12833586}}? *

Do you have any other information about the {{answer_12833586}} that you would like us to know?

Last question: How did you hear about *

You understand that this information will be submitted to the Glapion Law Firm, a law firm, and the Glapion Law Firm may contact you about the information provided in this form. You also understand that the submission of this information does not create an attorney-client relationship. Finally, you understand that no guarantees have been made about recovering any money whatsoever, and that prior results the Glapion Law Firm has obtained do not guarantee success in your particular case. *

If you have read and understand and agree to each of  the items above, please "I accept" below. If not, please press "I don't accept."
If you have read and understand and agree to each of  the items above, please "I accept" below. If not, please press "I don't accept."
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